Advent of Disharmony

by Paagtheaan

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The long anticipated debut EP from Paagtheaan
CD copies will be available soon...

Vocals & Lyrics: Michael Corcoran
Guitar: Anthony Longdyke
Guitar: Jeremy Hodge
Bass: Onra Morales
Drums: Brant Rogers


released June 5, 2017

Recorded at Pyramid Studios in Wilmington, NC from May 19th - June 2nd, 2017

Produced by Paagtheaan
Engineered by Michael Corcoran

Mastered by Andrew Brassard at Audible Reality



all rights reserved


Paagtheaan Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Post Tenebras Lux Pt. 1 - Sea of Shadows
Wailing and weeping
O, pining soul
In pantomime despair
All dreams to dust
Burdened by time
Where catharsis never walks

The soul eclipsed,
In torturous pain,
The senses engulfed

Baring the yoke of despair

Fighting for my life
Is it worth it to survive
A half existence bereft of light

Adrift in a sea of shadows
No shapes bare human form
Trapped in languid currents
Dragged deeper down

Becoming one with nothingness
Return my essences to the earth
Cast my thoughts into the æther
To be lost eternally

In listless surrender
The mind twists in contortions
Opposed to instinct
illogical impulses

Lost where none can be found
Buried in time
In shadows, lost
Track Name: Post Tenebras Lux Pt. 2 - The Realm Beyond
Total submission to self destruction
Casting a life into the void
By each dream of hope the pyres grew taller
A nihilistic totem
This carrion flesh lies abandoned to rot
All lights extinguished in the realm beyond

Gates open to planes, eternal
Where none but shadows dwell
Far from reach, bereft of life
Beyond the veil of light

The only sound
Dying screams of hope
Guided beyond into the atramentous
The martyr soul
Morose, crepuscular despair
Writhing in pain
Becoming one with the flames

Confined to darkness
Forever in the mire
Eternal as coldest death
The faceless shades
Encircled to claim
Hereafter by morbid desire
Track Name: Hoarfrost
Frost of wintery glades
Birthed in snow and ice
Pass through the gates
Drift in frigid waves
Night shall bare no dawn
Veiled eternal night
Bound in icy chains
Chrysalis of white

Sullen horizons, cold
Frozen lands of old

By starlight guided northbound
Through drifts of ice
Wintery throne of despair
and stoic might
The winds go silent
and skies grow dark
Arboreal flashes northward
Beckon to us

Frozen waves in clouds of ice
Winds of winter rage in frozen might
Carrion pallor, these frozen steeps of hell
Deathlike silence, forever left to dwell

The northlands
Their icy sheets, unbearable cold
Pure, untainted by man
Vestige of white

Glacial drifts
Crawling seaward
Great citadels
of cobalt stone
Wandering giants
Ivory planes, sacramental

Pallid vale sanctified

Voice of thunder
Silence broken
From the tide, risen
Hear the thunderous waves
Walls of water
Tarry on
Upon the shores
A new presence...
Track Name: Impure Invocations of The Serpent
In silence hear the voice and breath
The fallen, down below
With every word
A sigil scribed into the flesh
Spellbound until death

Fill the chalice
Drink deep of it's wisdoms
Hidden 'neath the cloak of night
Far below thy flame is burning bright

See the crosses turn
Feel the pyres burn

Dusk is descending
Tread unholy ground
Spirits come to gather
By incantation bound

See the crosses turn
Feel the pyres burn

Heed the spellcraft here
Foul Serpent
Feast upon thy bones
Awaken from thy grave
The invocation, impure
Feed on the blood of all
Speak, move and appear

Evil born to flesh
Ceremonial bloodrite

Great burning judgement
Consume all
Dethrone God